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In the world of Image Consulting, when we speak of colour, it’s no surprise that the name Pantone, comes up. That’s because, since 2000, Pantone LLC has been the ones choosing the colour of the year. After reviewing trend-forecasting research performed by the Pantone Colour Institute, Pantone LLC makes the decision.

The meticulous process involves careful consideration of the cultural and global landscape. The team takes months to compile and select, which creates great anticipation. The entire process makes the reveal, every December, quite interesting, to say the least.

As an Image Consultant, I believe that when we wear our best colours, our skin glows, our eyes sparkle and our cheeks look rosy. The opposite is also true, we look dull, drained and tired when we are not wearing our best colours.

There are 4 seasonal colours when using the seasonal colour palette:

  1. Winter
  2. Summer
  3. Spring
  4. Autumn

Knowing which colour palette you fall into can be a game-changer for you in your fashion life. Identifying your colours can diminish the possibility of you wearing a lovely dress that doesn’t look lovely on you. Has that ever happened to you? 

Colours possess the ability to express how you feel on the inside and convey non-verbal messages, so we should use them wisely! An example of this is during my time in the corporate world. I worked as an Account Manager, and on one occasion I wore a red dress on a day I had to do a presentation. As I walked into the office, a Senior Manager looked at me and said: “You look like you’re going to kick some butt today”, to which I replied: “Yes.” He was able to sense my energy and the vibe that I emanated. 


People can sense the mood you are in by the colours you are wearing. Colours send mental messages and can also influence how you feel about yourself.



Since colours carry different meanings and give off different energies, here are six (6) quick tips:

  1. In general pastel colours are calming, whereas bright colours give you energy.
  2. Whether you’re sprucing up your wardrobe of revamping it all together, include neutral colours as foundation pieces. They pair nicely with bright and light colours as well as prints and patterns. 
  3. When purchasing your first jacket/blazer, suit or trousers, choose one of these colours. For corporate men, I recommend a navy or charcoal, for corporate women, a black or navy.  (Please note that this can change based on the client’s colour palette, preference, existing wardrobe or image goals).
  4. Black is a universal colour and is associated with elegance, mystery, fear, power and protection. It’s timeless and exudes confidence and sophistication. I love wearing black! Also, it’s known as the ultimate ‘slimming’ colour.  Wear black on days when you feel bloated or if you feel you may have gained a few pounds.
  5. Wear red, on occasions when you’d like to exude success and project strong energy. It symbolises passion, love, power, vibrancy, determination, strength, vitality and action. Jackets, trousers, shirts and suits in these colours are staples we all should have in our wardrobe.
  6. Darker clothing like black gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, lighter and pastel colours make your frame look wider.



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Nicole Thomas

Nicole Thomas

Nicole Anastasia Thomas is an Image Consultant/Fashion Stylist with a BA Degree in Marketing from Anglia Ruskin University, UK. Nicole also has a Specialization in Social Media Marketing from Northwestern University, Chicago and is a Certified Image Consultant from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York. Nicole loves life, is passionate about fashion, food, travel and meeting new people.