About Us

When I cooked up the idea for PERSONALITY, it was a supporting actor on the main stage of the Brandprint Summit in 2020 telling the stories of the speakers and sharing actionable advice. What I didn’t realize was that producing this magazine would be one of the most enjoyable parts of the event. Now, PERSONALITY has taken on a life of its own becoming a publication dedicated to sharing valuable advice on how you can increase your visibility and grow your reputation as a thought leader, while sharing the stories of entrepreneurs who were brave enough to pursue their dreams and leverage their personal brands to grow their businesses.

As a Caribbean native, we don’t often have an opportunity for our stories to be heard, simply because our countries are small and our climb out of obscurity is a much longer distance.  PERSONALITY is a global platform where thought leaders can share their stories and advice where Caribbean natives, especially, won’t have such a long trek to the main stage!

I thank you for spending even a few minutes here. My hope is that after you’ve navigated away, you’d have at least one thing you can put into action in your own business. If you do, I’d have succeeded in my mission. We enjoy hearing from our community so follow us on instagram @personalitymagazine on Pinterest @personalitymagazine and subscribe to our mailing list for our weekly round up of new articles.

Happy reading…