What type of content is covered in PERSONALITY?

The content in personality falls in 4 main categories:

  • Entrepreneur features
  • Personal Branding and Digital Marketing
  • Tech Tools for content creation
  •  Style 

How do I pitch a story to PERSONALITY?

View our guide here. Your pitch must fall within one of our main categories and have a clear angle in order to be considered.


How do I advertise with PERSONALITY?

Download our media kit here. If you would like to run a special feature, get in touch by emailing editor@personalitymagazine.com


What’s the lead time needed to pitch an article to be published?

To be published on the website, 2-4 weeks, to be published in the magazine at least 12 weeks.


Does PERSONALITY cover events?

We don’t cover events, however we list affiliate events in our events section. If you are hosting an event that you believe could be valuable to our audience of entrepreneurs and you want PERSONALITY to be an affiliate, please email us at editor@personalitymagazine.com with details and pitch. Should it align with our brand, we will list it at no charge.


Do I need to pay for my subscription to PERSONALITY?

At this stage, you don’t have to pay to access the publication.