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Having the support of a mentor can certainly help you achieve your business goals much faster. They offer wisdom, practical advice, inspiration and clarity. But what if you didn’t know where to find the right mentor? If you couldn’t pin down someone who had the time to commit to you or didn’t know someone who could help you? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on expert advice in your area of choice because you can actually get yourself a satellite mentor. “Satellite mentor” is a term we coined here at PERSONALITY to describe someone who can guide, inspire and encourage you from afar through their books, content and programmes. You may not know them personally but you can follow and apply their expert advice and see a difference in your life. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll share our best tips to find the best satellite mentor for you.

Figure out what you want

Step one is setting some goals for yourself. You’ve got to figure out why you want a mentor, what do you need help with and what you are hoping to achieve once you commit to the process of growth and development. If you have been trying to accomplish something on your own and you feel like you’re going around in circles, document that experience and state what you think is the possible cause. This is you auditing your activities and the results to determine where you need the most clarity and support.

Do your research

The second thing you need to do on your journey to finding a satellite mentor is to do your research. Start looking for people in your industry both locally and abroad who have an established presence and whose content and brand values align with yours. You might find that there are a few people to choose from when you search, but spend some time with your options and narrow that down to one or two people. For example, if you want to get into interior design start following décor professionals who you can relate to and whose work you admire. Follow their story and their journey to see what they have done in their lives that has contributed to success. Study their process, their failures, their triumphs and all of the small gems of wisdom that can help you understand your industry more acutely.

Read, Subscribe and Follow

While a 1-on-1 mentor has several benefits, it’s not the only way to learn and grow. We’d all love to get stuck in a room with our biggest inspiration and have at least an hour worth of conversation in which we can pick their brains. In the absence of that however, you’ve got to learn through reading books, watching videos and following content that adds breadth and depth to your knowledge. Some of our favourites around here are Chris Do and the Futur, Vanessa Lau on YouTube, the Ryan Holtz podcast, the Caribbean Power Lunch podcast and Russell Brunson’s books among other biographies and “how to” guides. How you engage content also matters when you have a satellite mentor. What is your goal when you consume content? If you really want to transform the way you think or do think, you have to commit to the learning process. Don’t skim or skip chapters. Give yourself a chance to let that information or ideas sink in or settle and go test it and measure the results.

When it comes to following your satellite mentor, connect with them on social media if you can. Look for them on LinkedIn or subscribe to their mailing list so you can see what they’re doing in relatively real time. The key here is expanding your knowledge while building a relationship with that mentor as much as possible.

Connect to a community

Connecting with a community of like-minded people is perhaps one the best ways for you to get the benefits of a satellite mentor. Look on Facebook or even LinkedIn and find a community of people who are embracing the brand values of your satellite mentor and are helping each other with the same challenges you’re facing. Online communities are an excellent place to meet people with whom you can build fruitful relationships. You might even find an in-person mentor from within that group. In groups where the members share similar interests, the opportunities to learn new strategies and tactics, form new bonds and even find new clients are plentiful.

A one-on-one mentor has its benefits, but if finding that person seems out of reach for you, don’t think that there aren’t alternative ways for you to get support and good advice to help you grow your brand and business. The digital space has made it possible to engage with endless types of content from our favourite thought leaders on the issues and topics that matter to us most. It has given us a chance to find other people just like us who, many times, are willing to offer their support because they know what it’s like to need help and have no idea where to look. You simply need to trust the process and be open to learning from a variety of sources and when you’ve grown to a place to engage with your dream mentor, you’d have learnt so much along way, you will be able to be the mentor you wished you had.

Jamila Bannister

Jamila Bannister

Jamila Bannister is Personal Branding Strategist, author and content creator from Trinidad & Tobago. She works with entrepreneurs who want to market their businesses by leading from the front with thought leadership and personal branding. She focuses on helping people create strong personal brands through brand strategy, content creation and public relations