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How Canva’s New Features Can help you communicate your Brand, save time and solidify your social media presence

Let’s talk about Canva, or as I like to call it, my design BFF. For those of you who are not familiar with this widely used website, Canva is an online design platform aimed at making good design a simpler process. Their beautifully crafted templates and tools allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to easily design and create digital and printed content for their brand. Like any good BFF, Canva has your back and is continuously evolving in order to best serve our consumer needs as they constantly add new features. Today we dive in to some of their most recent additions.

Canva’s Content Planner
Easily Create, Schedule, Publish.

For the lone entrepreneur, maintaining a social media presence can sometimes seem stressful. Especially if you don’t have a team creating and scheduling content for you. Whether you’re brick and mortar or fully ecommerce, having a strong digital presence is key for any business that wants to connect with consumers and increase awareness about their brand. In this Covid-19 era, establishing a strong digital presence for your brand seems more important than ever. Canva aims to relieve some of this stress and make sharing your messages easier by integrating a Content Planner onto the platform for its Canva Pro users.

Gone are the days of forgetting to manually post your Canva design to Facebook on time, or having to upload your images to a separate social media scheduler app. Canva’s new feature allows you to create , schedule and publish content directly from its Canva Editor straight to your social media pages. You can work smart and save time by producing batch content and scheduling them in advance. Like any other scheduler, Canva’s planner allows you to choose the date, time and platform for each post and you can create your schedule days, weeks or months in advance. The use of various apps can seem tedious at times. If using multiple apps to craft your social media content plan is something you don’t particularly enjoy and you are someone who prefers to keep everything on one platform, this feature may be right for you.

The Content Planner currently supports most social media favourites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Instagram and other platforms are scheduled to join the mix soon.

TikTok and Instagram Reel video templates
New way to engage with eye-catching videos and animations.

Another note-worthy feature rolled out by Canva this year would be its TikTok and Instagram Reel templates. TikTok became one of the fastest growing apps in 2019 attracting some businesses with its marketing potential. It didn’t take Instagram long to follow suit as they recently released their own TikTok inspired feature called Instagram Reels which allows users to create short 15 second looped videos.(It should be noted that since Instagram reels is still new, it’s not available in all countries.)

With this Canva addition, be prepared to create quick and fun eye-catching videos or animated posts from a variety of customizable templates. This feature is perfect for highlighting a new product, special sale or is an engaging way to communicate certain messages to your consumers. If you’re not yet ready to dive into the world of TikTok or it just doesn’t suit your brand’s needs and Instagram Reels is not yet available in your region, you can still capitalize on these new Canva templates . These templates can also be used to create captivating short videos or animated posts for Instagram or Facebook stories. Even better news, this feature is available on both Canva’s free and paid versions.

Magic Resize Feature
Change formats and dimensions with the click of a button.

This feature has been around a bit longer than Canva’s more recent updates but is one that is still worth mentioning. If you are a Canva Pro subscriber and need to create similar content for various social media platforms, this is a feature you won’t want to overlook.

Say you happened to create a poster design you think will work well as an Instagram or Facebook post, don’t waste time redesigning completely. With magic resize you can change the size of your content to fit the needs of any platform with the click of a button. The feature offers various resizing options from word documents to Instagram posts or stories.

Maria Ransome

Maria Ransome

Maria Ransome is a visual artist and content creator based in Trinidad and Tobago. Her work focuses on visual branding, graphic design and content creation for personal branding and social media.