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Precision Fitness is no ordinary workout program. It is one of the biggest personalized outdoor fitness training regimes in Trinidad and Tobago. Their goal? To help people transform their lives through exercise. A more in depth look of their workouts include: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Calisthenics (Body Weight Training), Plyometric Training, Resistance/Weight Training and most recently, Yoga.


We had the chance to chat with Joel Pile, the founder of Precision Fitness, to learn more about this brand he has built. As a former track athlete, fitness has always been a part of Joel’s life. After returning home from University, he felt that Trinidad was lacking fitness in the way he knew it. “I saw the need for something other than the gym, where people can come outside and have a refreshing area to work out but still get the same type of results.” he says. Driven by his desire to help others and create a program people would enjoy, he officially started his fitness programs in 2012. To date, Precision Fitness has over 400 clients, 16 trainers and 7 locations.Image of Joel Pile


Before Covid-19, most classes were outdoor sessions, including beach workouts and hikes.  In order to adapt to the new normal, their business model has now transitioned to online one, offering online packages for their clients.

“Successfully adapting to a new normal as a fitness company depends on the quality of your brand. If you provided good service before Covid-19, it’s just a matter of readjusting and ensuring your clients still have a product that is there to facilitate them and enable them to keep up with their fitness” he said.

Their programs are now fully virtual with over 600 clients. Moving online has allowed them to now facilitate persons from places such as England, New York and Canada. To help with this new online model, Pile and his team record their live sessions and leave them posted to their Facebook group.

“There are of course those clients who prefer that physical interaction and are adapting to online classes because right now it’s their only option.” Precision Fitness ensures that these types of clients stay motivated despite circumstance with our live streaming classes and videos”

They’ve also made upgrades to their website, now allowing credit card payments to make the payment process much easier and better facilitate international clients.

The brand also has a strong social media presence with 30,000 followers on Facebook and almost 20,000 followers on Instagram. Their platforms allow them to reach and inspire more people.


The health benefits of a proper exercise routine are endless. Not only will it improve your physical health, but it can have an impact on your mood, boost energy and promote better sleep. When you have a hectic lifestyle, it can be easy to push exercise aside, saying you don’t have the time, but exercise can help relieve some of the stress you’re feeling.

“Sometimes it’s good to work out to blow off steam. It puts your mind in a different place, and reduces your stress after a long day. It’s especially useful now where stress levels seem to be higher and we are not getting around as much as we used to because of “stay at home orders”. Working out is definitely something that’s going to help.” says Joel.

Precision Fitness’ online program is designed for everyone and sessions are available on demand for up to days.  Joel continued “It’s definitely key for entrepreneurs to get that workout in. That’s why we leave our videos up for 48 hours after it’s recorded”, says Joel. Exercise at a time that’s convenient to you.


“In building a successful brand you have to want it” says Joel. He emphasized the need to be focused on what you are building, being honest to yourself, and being willing to learn from mistakes along the way as key factors in running a successful business.

Precision Fitness isn’t stopping anytime soon! The business is on a serious growth path.  They are currently working on having a mini gameshow on a Saturday night to keep clients engaged.  They have also revamped their office into a home gym and plan to have indoor/outdoor facilities in the future.

Maria Ransome

Maria Ransome

Maria Ransome is a visual artist and content creator based in Trinidad and Tobago. Her work focuses on visual branding, graphic design and content creation for personal branding and social media.