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If you’ve made it this far in, by now you’d know that this is our gift giving issue and for me there is nothing better than receiving a super practical gift. While whimsical treats can be really sentimental, as a digital entrepreneur, there are so many tools and apps that make awesome gifts; I’ve curated a list to help you get started. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level in 2021 these 7 gifts are ideal to help you set up your digital systems, get you more visibility and grow your brand

Canva Pro – $119.40 annually

If you’re a seasoned content creator Canva is more than likely already one of your “go-to” tools to create visuals for your brand. However, if you’re using the free version and have outgrown theImage of Canva Logo limited features, it may be time for you to up the ante. An annual subscription to Canva is an ideal gift to put on your wishlist because it gives you access to tools, features and stock photos that are either unavailable or available on a paid basis anyway. Therefore instead of spending on individual stock images or Canva credits simply get the pro membership. You won’t have to worry about it for a whole year and you will have high quality elements and images with which to design your documents and content pieces to give your brand that polished look.

Calendly Pro – $96 annually

Keeping your schedule organised may seem innocuous but it has been a game changer for me. Calendly Pro has been excellent in not just helping me manage my appointments but also ensuring that my guests get reminded of their appointments with me via email. If you’ve ever forgotten a meeting in your schedule only to be scrambling 10 minutes before because you’re unprepared you’ll know exactly what I mean. Calendly pro also integrates with most major video conferencing tools as well as payment tools, so booking paid meetings and consultations are a breeze. This one should definitely make your wishlist.

Brandprint Digital Content Calendar $37.00USD

Upgrading your social media in the New Year means you’ve got to upgrade your planning. The Brandprint digital content planner is a super convenient digital tool to not only give you 365 suggested posts for every day of the year, but it also gives you 30 tips to engage your audience more effectively, 8 tools to help you create and countless holidays for you to celebrate. If planning content always leaves you stumped, this will certainly give you the guidance you need to get you started to being more consistent in showing up online.

AWeber Email marketing – $194 annually

Image of Aweber Email MarketingAn essential part of any digital marketing ecosystem is email marketing. As you upgrade your business in 2021, an excellent partner in business is AWeber. AWeber is a small my mighty email marketing provider that is ideal for small businesses who are looking to upgrade their email marketing. It’s easy to use, has a wide range of templates, has excellent analytics and stats and their customer support is top notch. In mid-2020 they launched their free option to get you started with their service, however, if your business is growing, I really suggest you get the annual subscription because you’re sure to reach their free 500 subscribers /1list limit really fast.

InShot – $34.99 Lifetime Access

Content wouldn’t be content without the video editing app InShot. This is without question one of my favourite apps as it make svideo editing so easy. This mobile phone app will have you turning out high quality videos and picture collages in no time. It’s ideal to add pizzazz and polish to your content, is user friendly and reduces editing time down to a fraction of what it would be using a desktop app. Do yourself a favour and get InShot; it’s worth the lifetime investment.

Stand out and shine WordPress Website Templates -$37

If you’re looking to get your website on stream in the new year, Stand out and Shine templates by Mackenzie Mader is the hack you need to get a handsome and functional website up and running. Ideally, getting a web designer is what you want to do, however, if you’re still in a DIY space these templates will give you multiple design options that you can adapt to fit your branding and colour scheme. They are designed to be used on WordPress websites with the Elementor page builder. These templates are the gifts that keep giving.

Auto Cap – $28.99 annually

An essential component of social media video is closed captioning. With the tendency of viewers to look at videos on mute, captions have almost become expected with video content. In addition, captioning videos means you make your content accessible to the deaf community who would otherwise be left out. Captions not only serve those who choose to keep their muted but those who actually need to read text. I can think of a better gift to ask “Santa Claus” to get you.

Jamila Bannister

Jamila Bannister

Jamila Bannister is Personal Branding Strategist, author and content creator from Trinidad & Tobago. She works with entrepreneurs who want to market their businesses by leading from the front with thought leadership and personal branding. She focuses on helping people create strong personal brands through brand strategy, content creation and public relations